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Our primary business is helping you sell your business. This is a time-consuming and difficult process at best. Trying to sell your business on your own will consume a great deal of your time, and there are many skills necessary that most business owners don’t have because they are not necessary for running a successful business.

Some of the benefits we provide you as a business owner are:

Confidentiality: We help keep the process confidential so those you don’t want to know that your business is for sale (employees, customers, vendors etc.) won’t find out until you are ready to announce the sale of your business.

Business Valuation: Most business owners don’t know what their business is worth. We provide a market valuation and not only show you what your business is worth, but educate you on what the value drivers are and how we arrive at our conclusions. We also provide comps so you can see what other similar businesses actually sold for. We have excellent experience in doing market valuations, and this information provides great value for a modest fee.

Market Reach: We market your business to a wide range of potential buyers, and provide exposure to many groups and individuals a business owner does not have access to.


One page teasers: Prior to listing your business we write up two different one-page information sheets about your business. The purpose of these is to provide enough information to potential buyers so they can determine if your business is of interest without revealing which business it is.

Confidential Memorandum: In order to sell your business effectively we first need to understand your business. We write up an in-depth report on your business addressing ownership, location, corporate structure, history of the company, industry information, management team and employee organization, financial statements, asset list, pictures of your company and products etc. No buyer gets this without signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and being vetted by us.

Buyer Vetting: All potential buyers are vetted before we allow them to look at your business. They are required to provide a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a personal financial statement so we know they are qualified financially to purchase your business.

Buyer Assistance: Most buyers are as new to the process of buying a business as you are to selling a business. We provide potential buyers with education about why your business is worth what we are advertising it for, we help them develop a five year pro-forma, help them find financing and negotiate with them on your behalf. We work with the buyer all the way to closing, as we do with you.



Most business owners don’t know what their business is worth. We provide a market valuation and not only show you what your business is worth, but educate you on what the value drivers are and how we arrive at our conclusions. Determining the value of a business is part art, part science. The science part is an analysis of your financial statement and your cash flow. This provides an important foundation block for determining and understanding the value, but businesses are complex and the financial statements alone don’t convey all the complexities and subtleties of your business and thus cannot provide a complete understanding of the value.

We also evaluate the non-financial aspects of your business which help us understand if your business will demand a premium or a discount in today’s market. These include management team and depth, intellectual property, trademarks (or the lack thereof), location, customer concentration, market penetration, barriers to entry etc.

Without a bank or financial institution willing to loan the money to a buyer to acquire your business there will be no sale. We understand how banks analyze your business for viability and value, and we apply a “bank litmus test” to our valuation to be certain it falls within their parameters.

Occasionally (and unfortunately) a business is only worth the hard assets they own, and business liquidation is their best option. While this is not happy news to any owner, we do look at the value of your business from this perspective also just to be certain we are arriving at the correct value. On occasion we find this to be the case, and often are then hired to provide consulting on how to build the value back up to make it attractive to sell.

Once we have completed our valuation analysis we look at comparable businesses that have sold in the United States to determine what the market is willing to pay for businesses like yours. We have a database of over 25,000 businesses including the year it sold, the company financial information, what it sold for and the terms. This report also provides us with a number of ratios they are relevant when measuring how the market values a particular business.

Our market valuation report is thorough and easy to understand. Our goal is to educate you in addition to providing you a number, so you not only know the market value of your business but understand why that is the value.



Sunbelt Business Brokers work with individuals, strategic buyers, private equity groups, and corporate buyers in their search for appropriate businesses to purchase. We seek to help our customers enter new markets, enhance their market position, or achieve growth through acquisition of both private and publicly held companies. Our transaction team works cooperatively with buyers in identifying acquisition objectives based on personal and/or business growth needs.

Working on a retainer basis, we will conduct a targeted acquisition search based on solid market and industry analysis, identifying and approaching possible candidates within the targeted search range to determine their interest in divesting or selling their business interests.

Once an appropriate acquisition candidate has been identified, we:

  • Assist in determining realistic pricing structure of the acquisition candidate.
  • Assist in making an offer.
  • Negotiate the offer and formulate a favorable deal structure package.
  • Assist in conducting comprehensive due diligence of the acquisition candidate.
  • Orchestrate a solid transaction agreement favorable to all involved parties.
  • Assist with arrangement of financing.
  • Arrange for timely execution of closing documents and smooth transition.

Whether your goal is expansion of present holdings, addition of greater customer base or entrance into new industry or geographic markets, our team will make the acquisition as smooth as possible.

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