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Most business owners don’t know what their business is actually worth. We provide an education as well as a valuation.

Business Valuations with Experience

Do you know how much your business is worth? Most business owners don’t know the value of their business or negate certain aspects of their business that increase its value. Our business valuation services ensure an accurate assessment of your business that is based on market research and professional experience.

With a business valuation through Sunbelt Business Brokers of Portland/Vancouver, we accurately determine the estimated value of your business. Our process ensures that you know the worth of your business as a whole, taking into account all assets and future potential. We also use this valuation information to educate the buyer, who also often doesn’t know the real value of a business they are buying.

Part Art, Part Science

Business valuations are both an art form and a science. Juggling these dualities is what our expert brokers do best. We look at both the expected market value predictions for a given business, along with the hard data from past and present performance.

The ‘science’ to business valuations comes from analysis of financial statements and cash flow. Simultaneously, the ‘art’ portion considers the complexity of your business that financial statements alone cannot convey. The combination of solid financial data and the subtleties that comprise your business adds to a complete understanding of your business’s value.

When we perform business valuations, we not only show you what your business is worth, but we also educate you on the value drivers and how we draw those conclusions. You will never be left in the dark about where facts and figures come from or how different assets are calculated as part of your overall business value.

Sunbelt Business Brokers use a part art part science approach to business valuations
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Analyzation of Financials

Financial analysis is crucial for any proper business valuation. Both buyers and sellers need to understand how banks analyze a given business based on viability, value, and other factors. Without a bank or financial institution willing to loan money to a buyer for your business, there usually will no sale. We apply a bank ‘litmus test’ as a part of our business valuation process to ensure that certain financial parameters are met.

Non-Financial Asset Evaluation

Finances are not the only factor that contributes to the overall value of your business. What makes our business valuations comprehensive and thorough is our understanding of factors that add to the value of your business, but do not necessarily come with a financial statement.

Evaluating your business’s non-financial aspects helps us understand if your business demands a premium or a discount in today’s current market. Some of the most important non-financial aspects of your business that we take into consideration when performing your business valuation include:

  • Management team
  • Intellectual property, trademarks, & patents
  • Location, land size, & buildings
  • Customer concentration
  • Market penetration
  • Employee longevity or high turnover
Trusted non-financial asset evaluation
Accurate market comparisons by Sunbelt Business Brokers

Market Comparison

Part of our business valuation services includes market analysis. We look at comparable businesses sold across the United States to determine what the current marketplace is willing to pay for businesses similar to yours. Our broad database of more than 50,000 businesses gives us access to pertinent information, including the year a business sold, company financial information, what the company sold for, and the terms and conditions that apply to the sale. We are then able to interpret several ratios that are relevant when measuring how the market currently values your business.

Business Liquidation

Occasionally, a business may only be worth the hard assets it owns. In these cases, business liquidation may be the best or only option. While this can be difficult news for any business owner to come to terms with, we look at your business from this perspective to ensure we arrive at the correct value for your business. If we find liquidation to be on the table for your business, we provide consulting to help build value back into your business and increase its attractiveness for sale.

Business liquidations by Sunbelt Business Brokers
Sunbelt Business Brokers use a thorough and easy to understand process.

Thorough & Easy to Understand Process

Although the business valuation process may sound overwhelming, our team at Sunbelt Business Brokers makes the process easy to follow and understand. Educating our clients is one of our most important goals during the business valuation process. We help you understand why your business has a particular value and how it measures up in the current market.

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