Greater Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

There is still strong demand for good middle market companies. This demand is largely driven by private equity groups who have accumulated significant funds from investor groups or wealthy families. These private equity groups are under pressure to put to use the money that they have been entrusted to invest. Last year many of these groups made few investments and now are actively looking for strong companies or add on companies that make sense for them to purchase. In addition, there are strong corporate buyers in our market place who would like to grow their companies because adding to their business through acquisition is more efficient than waiting for internal growth.

Sunbelt Business Brokers represents business owners who wish to merge with another entity or gain liquidity through the out-right sale of all or a portion of their company. These businesses typically represent annual revenues of 3 – 20 million dollars with a typical EBITDA of approximately 1 – 5 million dollars.

Our value enhancing representation services include valuation, confidential business review, target buyer development, financial analysis, industry analysis, transaction structuring to save on taxes for the business owner.

By utilizing our listing tools, the business will be better understood by potential buyers. Our goal includes providing sellers with a clear understanding of the status of process of marketing and selling the business through the transference of ownership.

Under the right circumstances a discreet private auction helps the seller to obtain the maximum offer for the business. We strive to include all professionals in the process: the CPA, the attorney and outside experts for maximizing tax values. Then once an offer is accepted, we work through the due diligence process with the buyer and the seller, making sure all goes smoothly. The seller’s and buyer’s attorneys will be responsible for the drafting and negotiation of the sales agreement and related documents. However, our services and experiences are invaluable in this final process.

Sunbelt Business Brokers