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Town and Country Fence & Deck

Type of Business: Fence and Deck construction
Sold to Private Party
Brokered by Bill Patten

“From the beginning Bill was very honest and truthful about where my business was and where it needed to be in order to be sellable. He took the time to mentor me and help me develop my business to the point where he felt comfortable listing it. He could have turned me away and moved on but did just the opposite, he helped me understand my business in a way that allowed me to make the changes necessary to make it a business someone would want and enjoy.

Bill was very professional in his approach and very positive, not only in his belief it would sell, but in his advice and encouragement to me along the way. He went way above and beyond in helping the buyers and myself negotiate the transaction. He always had a cool demeanor and answers to all of my questions and concerns. I will always be thankful for his help in bringing a quality buyer to my door.”

Ken Milleman, 2016

Vista Balloon Adventures

Type of Business: Adventure Excursions
Sold to Pierre Private Party
Brokered by Bill Patten

“After 26 years of ‘Ups and Downs’ I found the process of transferring ownership with the help of Bill Patten and Sunbelt to be very straightforward. While it might have turned out to be an impossible process without professional help, it did seem like every time a sticking point or issue was evident, our broker had a choice of solutions on hand. Things were done when they were promised, as they were promised. As to the fee, it was earned several times over as the business transaction would have failed without the tools that Sunbelt has available to help present the business to a potential buyer.

I feel strongly that having Sunbelt represent us is the decision that made the transfer of our business possible, pleasant and productive.”

Roger Anderson, 2014

AdMail, Inc.

Type of Business: Direct Mail
Sold to Premier Press
Brokered by Bill Patten

“Thank you Bill Patten and Sunbelt Business Brokers for making the sale of our business successful. I appreciated their expertise and professionalism. Selling our company was a major step in our lives and Sunbelt was sensitive to our needs and desires. I highly recommend Bill and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a business”

Bill Stevens, 2016

McGary Supply

Type of Business: Wholesale packaging
Sold to Private Party
Brokered by Bill Patten

“Bill was very professional and very likeable to work with. He stepped right up to handle whatever came along and made the sale go smooth and easy as possible. He did everything we needed to and more. We would recommend him and Sunbelt to everyone we know without a doubt. Outstanding service!”

Mike and Alice McGary, 2015

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