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Nationally it is estimated that about 20% of businesses represented for sale by business brokers actually result in a sale. We successfully sell over 80% of the businesses we represent, and always for a fair price.

Our business valuations give you the info you need to make informed decisions.

What makes business valuations through Sunbelt Business Brokers unique is our three markers of evaluation. These include examining cash flow, risk, and opportunity.

Cash Flow

Prospective buyers consider purchasing a business based on the company’s future — not its history. Thus, future cash flow projections are a major part of our business valuation process. We take a detailed account of a company’s cash flow and assets to estimate the future probability of success.


The risk of the future performance determines the multiple of cash flow a buyer will be willing to pay. We analyze various risk factors to help us accurately value your business. This process also identifies areas the seller may want to improve prior to a sale.


During our business valuations, we assess opportunities that the current business owner is taking advantage of and which they are not. Those opportunities not currently being taken advantage of are often the very reason as buyer will find your business attractive. As part of our commitment to client education, we help fill in the opportunity gaps to ensure buyers enjoy a successful business endeavor moving forward.

Client Feedback

Find out what some of the most recent businesses we’ve worked with have to say.

Standard TV & Applicance
Type of Business: Retail Appliances
Sold to: private party
Buyer Representation by: Bill Patten

“My partners and I bought a very substantial company with the help of Bill Patten. I found Bill to be an important and integral part of our purchase of Standard TV and Appliance.
Bill’s first step was to assess the value of the company.  This was a crucial point in process since prices and multiples play a critical part in determining the value of the company and they can be all over the place.
Secondly with Bill’s evaluation he got us the information needed to make informed decisions. There are many variables in determining the value of a company and knowing all of them is crucial in the process. Bill was an outstanding professional in getting all the information we needed to finish this process.
Another major hurdle is financing.  Bill not only helped facilitate our financing but got us the very best terms and interest rates in the market.  This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars!
More than anything else Bill Patten was there for us through the entire journey.  You can imagine the complexities of buying a 277 employee business that is over $80 million in sales annually.  He helped us in every step and more than his expertise in business we recommend him as an excellent therapist.  You can just imagine the highs and lows you experience when buying a business of this size, it can really take an emotional toll on you and Bill was always there for support and to clarify any and all of our concerns!

It is for these reasons and so many more that I give my endorsement of Bill Patten and his knowledge and skills as a business broker.”

-Jeff Jarvis, President
Standard TV & Appliance

Vista Balloon Adventures
Type of Business: Adventure Excursions
Sold to: Pierre Private Party
Brokered by: Bill Patten 

“After 26 years of ‘Ups and Downs’ I found the process of transferring ownership with the help of Bill Patten and Sunbelt to be very straightforward. As to the fee, it was earned several times over as the business transaction would have failed without the tools that Sunbelt has available to help present the business to a potential buyer.

“I feel strongly that having Sunbelt represent us is the decision that made the transfer of our business possible, pleasant and productive.”

-Roger Anderson, CEO

Town & Country Fence & Deck
Type of Business: Construction
Sold to: Mitzi Barber, Private Party
Brokered by: Bill Patten

“Bill was very professional in his approach and very positive, not only in his belief it would sell, but in his advice and encouragement to me along the way. He went way above and beyond in helping the buyers and myself negotiate the transaction. I will always be thankful for his help in bringing a quality buyer to my door.”

– Ken Milleman

Pacific Die Casting
Type of Business: Manufacturing
Sold to Elizabeth Gubrud-Howe, Private Party
Brokered by: Bill Patten 

“I had a dream to acquire a manufacturing business in the Portland Metropolitan area and there was one man who helped turn my dream into a reality. Bill Patten collaborated with me throughout the entire purchase. He turned every roadblock I had into an opportunity. He helped me secure financing and connected me with other professionals who helped during the process. Bill did not disappear when the sale was completed. He was instrumental in a successful transition. In addition Bill helped me network locally and helped me create a platform for growth.
I am grateful we had the opportunity to work together, and when I am ready to look for my next acquisition, Bill will be my first call.”

– Elizabeth Gubrud-Howe, CEO
Pacific Die Casting

AdMail, Inc. 
Type of Business: Direct Mail
Sold to: Premier Press
Brokered by: Bill Patten 

“Thank you Bill Patten and Sunbelt Business Brokers for making the sale of our business successful. I appreciated their expertise and professionalism. Selling our company was a major step in our lives and Sunbelt was sensitive to our needs and desires. I highly recommend Bill and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.”

– Bill Stevens, CEO


McGary Supply
Type of Business: Wholesale packaging
Sold to: Private Party
Brokered by: Bill Patten

“Bill was very professional and very likeable to work with. He stepped right up to handle whatever came along and made the sale go smooth and easy as possible. He did everything we needed to and more. We would recommend him and Sunbelt to everyone we know without a doubt. Outstanding service!”

Mike and Alice McGary

Conser Appraisals
Type of Business: Real Estate Appraisals
Sold to: Otto Sylte, private party
Brokered by: Bill Patten 

“Bill helped me secure financing and, since I did not have a business attorney, he recommended one whose services proved to be more than satisfactory.
I know Bill to be hard-working, honest, and very professional.”

– Otto Sylte, President
Conser Appraisals, Inc.

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Pacific Die Casting
Alaskan Camper
Timberline Controls
Pride of the West – food mfg
Spar-Tek – plywood mfg


A-1 Glass
Commercial Building Maintenance
Town and Country Fence & Deck
Oswego Roofing
Pacific Cabinetry
Premier Energy – solar sales & installation
Solar Ki – solar sales & installation


Standard TV & Appliance
Cynergy E-bikes
Maupin Market
Discount Floors

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Conser Appraisers
Wheel Kraft
Catering At It’s Best

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McGary Supply

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Vista Balloon Adventures
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